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Cherry Creek School District Calendar

    school district

  • A geographical unit for the local administration of schools
  • a district whose public schools are administered together
  • School districts are a form of special-purpose district which serves to operate the local public primary and secondary schools.
  • A geographic area in British Columbia constituted as a district under the School Act. There are currently 59 school districts and one Francophone Education Authority.

    cherry creek

  • Cherry Creek is a tributary of the South Platte River, 64 mi (103 km) long, in Colorado in the United States.
  • Cherry Creek is an often swift-moving stream in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in eastern California, USA. It is a part of the watershed in the Emigrant Wilderness that drains into the Tuolumne River.


  • a system of timekeeping that defines the beginning and length and divisions of the year
  • A chart or series of pages showing the days, weeks, and months of a particular year, or giving particular seasonal information
  • A system by which the beginning, length, and subdivisions of the year are fixed
  • enter into a calendar
  • A datebook
  • a list or register of events (appointments or social events or court cases etc); “I have you on my calendar for next Monday”
cherry creek school district calendar

cherry creek school district calendar – District Leadership

District Leadership That Works: Striking the Right Balance
District Leadership That Works: Striking the Right Balance
District Leadership That Works begins by expunging the myth that district leadership and high-level school administrators are useless and deter educational progress. Rather, it shows how district leaders can unite a school district through establishing common goals that will improve overall student achievement, while maintaining teachers stylistic freedom. The authors introduce the concept of a top-down power mechanism called defined autonomy. Rather than decentralizing authority, defined autonomy puts the focus on district-defined non-negotiable goals and a system of accountability supported by assessment tools. With district-defined goals and assessment tools, schools can successfully address student achievement and respond more quickly and effectively to student failure. The authors then delve into setting and monitoring non-negotiable goals for achievement and instruction, both at the district and school levels. When setting goals for achievement, they suggest, leaders must look past typical standardized testing and create formative assessment tools that add more variables to measurement. Leaders should focus on programs that monitor the progress of failing students and on processes for taking action. Regarding non-negotiable goals for instruction, the authors suggest that focusing only on teacher certification and subject-matter expertise is insufficient for school improvement; rather, goals should be set and actions monitored for improving teachers instructional skills as well. Attainment of these skills can then be measured by the progress of student achievement using assessment tools. District Leadership That Works goes on to assure educators that district leadership is not a unilateral decision-making process; rather, leadership involves schools, teacher unions, students, and community members in collaborative goal-setting. Leaders must also ensure that the school board is accountable for appropriately allocating resources to support these goals; school board decisions regarding expenditures and resource allocation directly impact student achievement levels. Defined autonomy does not mean self-determination; school must follow non-negotiable goals. The authors outline the inter-relationship between the two levels how district goals impact school instruction and policies. They acknowledge the challenges of second-order change to transform schools, since this involves a mental and procedural break with past educational paradigms. They explain how district leaders can tactfully and successfully deal with any resistance to the changes and the new role that district leadership must play. In the final analysis, the authors argue, the ultimate goal of stronger district leadership and non-negotiable goal-setting is student achievement, since that is why educational systems exist in the first place.

Pasadena Unified School District furlough days

Pasadena Unified School District  furlough days
Pasadena Unified School District regrets due to budget cuts, District facilities and all school sites will be closed due to furlough days September 7, 8, and 9. We will re-open Friday, September 10, 2010.

You hear about this in the news, but when you see it, makes ya think.

Richmond School District headquarters

Richmond School District headquarters
The headquarters of British Columbia School District #38 (Richmond School District). (Richmond, BC, Canada)
cherry creek school district calendar

cherry creek school district calendar

How To Compromise With Your School District Without Compromising Your Child: A Field Guide For Getting Effective Services For Children With Special Needs
The guide that every parent must have! Gary Mayerson has devoted his career in law to helping children with autism get the fair and appropriate education that they need and deserve. In this field guide, he brings parents up to speed quickly and efficiently on the ways educational bureaucracies work—or more importantly, don’t —for children with special needs. In addition to providing inside information on the “must-do’s” and “must don’ts” in advocating for your child in the educational system, there are also strategies on how to prepare for an IEP meeting, what to do when children don’t get crucial services, and how to avoid due process. Armed with solid information, parents will be empowered with all of the tools they need to advocate for their child’s education. The practical and straightforward approaches presented in this must-have guide are not only applicable to children with autism spectrum disorders, but to children with any disability.